Shower Filters and Shower Heads: A Match Made In Heaven

There are numerous different chlorine removal shower filter models; some come with a shower head that incorporates the chlorine filter. You can simply turn a dial and adjust the spray setting as well as the spray direction. Many people prefer such shower heads that have an adjustable 3-8 way sprays.

Most models include the pulse massage spray setting which is an excellent option for an invigorating “morning wake-up.” With all of the many models to choose from, try to match the shower filter that best matches the rest of your bathroom decor.

Although most shower filters feature a plastic housing, some are made of brass with high-polished chrome or brushed nickel finish; metal parts ensure maximum shower filter durability. The filtration mechanism is also essential.

Many shower filters use a copper/zinc ion filtration device and come with one replaceable cartridge. All-in-one Shower Water Filters The main benefit of all-in-one shower filters is that they offer a compact and easy to use device. Pulse massage and 5-way spray are usually present with such models and the shower filter comes attached with the showerhead.

Cartridge replacement is also an important element to consider, although most new showerheads offer easy to replace filters and cartridges. In order to make such accessories more attractive, many manufacturers offer free cartridge replacements for several months of use.

The high popularity of such filters can also be explained by the fact that they have visible effects on persons who suffer from asthma, allergies or skin infections. By stopping the chlorine, the filters make your showers and baths a healthier experience.

Crystal Ball Filters Easy to attach and install, these filters are an excellent choice for stopping chlorine from entering your system. They have a good purifying action and also offer different stages of water spray. Crystal balls are great for adults as well as children and even babies. The visual attractiveness of such filters is high as many come in vivid or pearlescent housings. Most models need a yearly replacement of the filter, a fact that makes them economical and attractive from a price point of view.

Some models also include quartz crystals that make the water softer, by capturing most of the abrasive mineral particles.

Depending on the manufacturer of the filter, different spray levels are available. However, the filtration mechanism on these filters is as good as the all-in-one filters.