Shower Filter Studies Demonstrate Their Importance

Chlorine is a necessary element in our water systems as it keeps bacteria from developing. However, studies have shown that hot showers often cause chlorine to be inhaled and absorbed through the skin pores. When inside the human body, chlorine can cause some problematic side effects, such as rashes, allergies and respiratory problems. Municipally-treated water contains chlorine and the process is similar to that used in swimming pools so as to combat algae growth.

Several other problems were reported through studies and experiments: hair problems, dried skin and rapidly fading hair color are some of the less severe issues. Several organizations pointed out that higher levels of chlorine may be harmful to you when taking a shower, and the best answer to this problem are the showerheads available in most department store or through online resources.

On average, filter heads should be tested to eliminate up to 99% of the free chlorine found in shower water and replacements should be made every 6 to 9 months to ensure maximum shower filter efficiency. A quality shower water filtration system is something anyone can enjoy, especially since the filters are so easy to install and maintenance, and they come at very affordable prices.

In fact, the price you pay for a shower filter is one of the best investments you can make in your own health – for a few dollars you can enjoy a healthy shower experience and not worry about all the negative side effects of chlorine.

Understanding the Benefits
There are several categories of people who will notice an obvious improvement in their life style and overall quality of their showers. People that suffer from respiratory problems, skin disorders or people who live on water systems that use chlorinated surface water should consider using shower filters as a way to diminish (or even stop) any of these problems from escalating after a hot shower. Bronchitis, eczema and asthma are only some of the conditions that may get worse because the shower water isn’t properly filtered.

Increased chances of developing cancer are also signaled – the U.S. Council on Environment Quality considers that “Cancer rates for people on chlorinated water systems is 96% higher than for those on non-chlorinated water systems…”. Apart from the fact that they stop such problems from developing, shower filters also have desired cosmetic effects. They leave you with a smoother skin, after showering, since they also stop a certain amount of the minerals that would otherwise stick to your skin.

The American Journal of Public Health published a study, which focused on the relationship between chlorine found in shower water and different caner types. The report states: “Two-thirds of the harmful exposure is from showering…”