Omica Powered Shower Filters

Since 1992, Shower Filter Store has been on the cutting edge of shower filtration, vigilant in a search to continually offer its customers the best of what a filtered shower can offer; from effectiveness and design to function and spray options. Our newest filtered shower discovery is called OMICA. It effectively removes not only chlorine and traces of heavy metals but also removes Fluoride and VOCs, volatile organic compounds such as herbicides and pesticides. In addition, the OMICA also restructures the water, in other words, realigns the water molecules to their natural state. Once restructured, the water molecule is better able to conduct electro-magnetic energy; the result being that the shower water helps create a unified field for the skin and body cells to interface with and become more energized.

Let’s take a look at the seven filtration elements that make the Omica unique and the most comprehensive water shower filter on the market:
Shungite is the primary carbon component in this filtration mix. It consists of 98% rarified carbon found primarily in Russia that deposited during volcanic rifting and consists of high levels of organic, nutrient-rich sediments. Because of this, it has been used in medical treatments since the 18th century in spas originally created by Peter the Great of Russia. Shungite has high anti-bacterial properties that have been confirmed by modern testing. Following are some of its characteristic properties:
  • Is a natural antioxidant that gives support to the immune system
  •  Has high adsorbent capacity that purifies both air and water from VOCs, inorganic compounds and excess free radicals
  •  Proven effective anti-inflammatory capability
  • Contains active micro-elements that catalyze healthy metabolism
  •  Interacts with electromagnetic fields

Micronized Zeolite has a crystalline structure formed over millions of years, also from volcanic rock. It has long been known for its ability to adsorb impurities in water as it extracts nitrogen from the air to increase oxygen content; commercially it is used to create medical-grade oxygen. Zeolite is also impervious to nuclear radiation and permanently traps radioactive particles, removing them from the environment; recently thousands of bags of zeolite have been placed around and near the Fukushima nuclear reactors to help stem the tide of radiation leaks into the Pacific Ocean.

Catalytic Carbon is produced by modifying the surface of granular activated carbon with a gas process at high temperatures. This process results not only in higher ability to remove a wide range of chemicals from the water but particularly makes it the most effective filtration media to remove chloramine, the fastest growing chemical agent used by municipalities to disinfect their water supplies.
KDF-85 is a blend of copper and zinc that has proven ability to remove chlorine, heavy metals, iron oxides and hydrogen sulfide from water. When used in combination with various types of carbon it helps extend their life by aggressively removing chlorine, a chemical that shortens the purification capacity of carbon. In addition, KDF-85 acts as a bactericide that retards fungus, e-coli and other bacteria.
Activated Alumina is silica, made of the same chemical substance as sapphires and rubies but without the impurities that lend color to these precious gems. It is proven to be highly effective, up to 95%, in removing fluoride, arsenic and sulfur from water.
Coconut shell carbon is a granular carbon derived from coconut shells and activated at high temperatures. It includes both a high micropore and mesopore volume making it an excellent alternative to granular carbon derived from coal. It is ideal for use in removing chlorine and other disinfection by-products from drinking water with a high performance rating at removing VOCs, volatile organic compounds such as herbicides and pesticides as well.
Virgin Quartz Crystals are most often used in the making of jewelry and for centuries have been prized for their ability to channel light and energy. When used as a component in water purification they catalyze the flow of electro-magnetic energy and enhance the ability of water to restructure.
In addition to the Omica’s seven elements of shower filtration comes a final, restructuring element. A copper tube that has been spirally etched on its interior is placed in the final stage of the filtration process and positioned between the filtration media and the shower head where the water exits the unit. Once the water has been filtered it spirals into a vortex, somewhat like a centrifuge, where the basic H20 molecule is re-aligned to its natural state, allowing trapped energy to flow freely, creating a most exhilarating purified shower experience.
In conclusion, this shower water filter with eight stages of processing purifies and energizes shower water like no other filter. The Omica shower filter is available in limited quantity as they are assembled by hand and made in the U.S.