Water Purifiers: Why You Need One and How They Benefit You

Human beings are highly sensitive to water contamination, and contaminated water can wreak serious havoc on your health. Rather than waste money and plastic by buying purified water by the bottle, Americans are increasingly using drinking water filters in their homes that make water clean and safe to consume straight from the tap.  

Water purification offers numerous benefits, including superior taste and a reduction in odors. Purified water also leads to these additional advantages. 

It’s more sustainable

Bottled water is a massive waste of natural resources, and in buying it, you’re essentially flushing the world’s natural resources straight down the drain. Water filters give you the same high-quality water you’ll get in a plastic bottle – but without generating unnecessary waste. 

It Saves Money 

A study conducted by Penn State University revealed that you can save as much as $1,236 per year by forgoing bottled water in favor of tap water in a reusable bottle. Drinking water filters help ensure that the water you take from the tap delivers in terms of taste, purity and quality – and they save you a substantial sum, too. 

It Helps You Avoid Harmful Contaminants

When water contains traces of aluminum, it has the potential to impact brain health. Studies have shown a link between considerable exposure to aluminum and your chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Using water filters in your home helps remove traces of aluminum from your water. Chlorine, which communities use eliminate germs and bacteria from their water supplies, creates health risks of its own and may enhance your chances of developing heart conditions, respiratory problems and various types of cancer. Water filters also help reduce or eliminate risks related to E. coli, lead and mercury, among other potentially harmful germs and contaminants. 

The Bottom Line

While drinking purified water leads to the notable benefits outlined above, water purification also makes water safe for other, non-drinking-related uses. Water filters help keep chlorine out of your hair when you shower, which can dry it out by sucking the natural oils out of it. In addition to giving you shinier, healthier hair, water filters also help keep chlorine from coming in contact with your face when you wash it. Purified water is also a safer choice for brewing coffee or tea, watering plants or cleaning any floors where children or pets play. 

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