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Customer Reviews of Shower Filter Store Products and Service

“Wow! Thanks, Moshe! That was quite an impressive display of Customer Service! Thank you so much!!! I truly appreciate that you answered all my questions AND had a video too! I was only searching for a way to filter out the chlorine… but I am pretty excited about the added extra of having some fancy lighting too! I will be placing the order later on tonight.
I am looking forward to receiving it….thank you again!”
Vernon, NJ

“I just purchased the “Cascade” shower head from you. I had been looking for a long time
for some sort of filter because every time I took a shower, my eyes burned for a few minutes – well, I received the shower filter & choose the ‘mist’ setting. I can assure you that this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. My bath is now an “experience”! I am now saving money so I can buy a hand held shower head to replace the one in my downstairs bath. I just went to Google and typed in “filtered shower heads” and your site came up. I have already recommended it to a lot of my co-workers here in the hospital – we need a spa experience at the end of the day!!”
Baltimore, MD

“Dear Hari and The Shower Filter Store Family, Today, on August 5th, I called The Shower Filter Store to place an order for a shower and bath filter. I am not an experienced shopper so I was not sure which products would be best for my home. When I called I spoke with Hari and he was very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about all of the products. The information he provided helped me decide on which filters would be best for me to purchase. However, since I never shop on-line I was very confused and ended up calling Hari four times asking many questions, changing my order, asking his advice, and finally, asking him to explain once again the itemized .cost of the products At all times, Hari treated me with respect, patience, and dignity; even though I felt embarrassed and quite inadequate for calling so many times. I just wanted to say: “THANK YOU, HARI” It is a delight to find people who treat other people with genuine kindness and sincerity. Bless you! I look forward to using my shower and bath filters. I hope to become a life-long customer and I will tell my family and friends about The Shower Filter Store family-operated business that obviously cares about its product quality and customer satisfaction (even if a customer calls a few too many times). Also, I was wondering – in your family photo – is Hari wearing the dark blue shirt, the light blue shirt, or the white and black jacket? Then I can put a face with the name of the most patient person I have talked to in a very long time. Thanks again, Hari!”
Louisville, KY

“I want to thank you for your prompt service! My wife has sensitive skin, and we hope this will help her. Praying for your prosperity,”
Moscow, ID

“Many thanks for your kindness and efficiency in sending my new shower filter. It was easy to install and it works beautifully. My hair and skin are showing the results of no chlorine and I couldn’t do without it.many thanks again.”
Bloomburg, PA

“I just wanted to say thank you for your quick service.Ordered it on Thursday and at my door today, Monday.”

“I just purchased the Cascade model because the chlorine kept burning my eyes.I can assure you that this is one of the best purchases I have every made. My shower is now and “experience!…I especially love the mist setting.”
Baltimore, MD

“I purchased the April Shower Pure Mist and love, love, love my shower filter system. Thank you!”

“I purchased the Monsoon OxyRain and am very impressed with the quality and design of this shower a firm believer that you get what you pay for, I got more than I paid for today. My daughter has sensitive skin and many chemical sensitivities.this does the job and more.I will be telling everyone who will listen about this showerhead.”
Miami, FL

“The filter does everything you claimed it would do.There’s no orangey stain in the tub anymore, my hair is softer and my skin isn’t dry.I also want to compliment you on your customer service”
Ferndale, MI

“Every once in a while someone makes a truly excellent product that changes one’s life for the better. Your showerhead filter has given this baby boomer baby soft skin. Many thanks!”
Seattle, WA

“I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for your quick service. I also really appreciate your reminder post card for when it’s time to get a new cartridge.”
Schuyler, NE

“Thank you for my new shower filter, I just love it!! My hair is awful without it.”
Lorain, OH

“Amazing shower filter! No skin rashes, burning eyes or chlorine smell.”
Palm Springs, CA

“I noticed right away the difference of how my hair felt. The chlorine makes it dry and stick out all over. It’s much softer with this filter and it combs real well.”
D. Vail

“It is excellent to have the chlorine odor removed. I am just getting over a serious respiratory illness and can sure feel the difference.”
Englewood, FL

“For the past few months I had my mother living with me and she recently died. I purchased one of your hand-held shower filters so the aide could give her a bath. Having the filter made a big difference to her, she felt so much better after the bath so, thank you.”
Pasadena, MD

“I want to tell you how very pleased I am with your product, the April Shower filter. It has made an enormous impact on the condition of my hair and my skin and I am very glad that I did purchase it.When I called and left a message I did not expect a call back so quickly; in addition to your excellent product you have the customer service to equal that..thank you for caring enough to care about your customers.”
Freehold, NJ

“I love the hand held shower and the filtering system in it, Bless you.”

“I just had to take the time to write this note. You deserve congratulations for the thoughtful reminder for the filter. Most companies just don’t follow up.”
Locust Grove, VA

“Thank you for replacing the broken fitting for my shower filter. I am back to enjoying fresh water without the smell of chlorine. It makes a big difference in my skin as skin gets so dry from an ordinary shower that it itches miserably and with my filter this is simply not a problem at all. I appreciate your kind attention and promptness as well.”
Salem, OR

“Many thanks for your kindness and efficiency in sending my new shower filter. It was easy to install and it works beautifully. My hair and skin are showing the results of no chlorine and I couldn’t do without it.many thanks again.”
Bloomburg, PA

“I just received your new filter and rubber rings last night and we installed them and it DOESN’T LEAK!!!!! I am SO happy – because like I said to you – i could tell that the product was wonderful but the leaking was not something we could live with. As we pulled out the old rubber rings one was crushed. if we ever run into this in the future – do you sell replacement rubber rings? It was so nice to shower in clean water with no water spraying all over the place! I actually plan on buying the filter ball for baths. I have already referred two of my friends to your product/site so they are looking into it. And I told my hairdresser about it (when I first ordered this) and she wanted me to print up an info page about your product so she could recommend to her cleints. Which I am very happy to do. Even though we had some problems – the customer service you provided was AMAZING! Thank you again and I definitely will be visiting your site in the near future. Thank you again! Take Care!”

“I ordered the April Shower Pure Mist and love, love, love my shower filter system. Thank you!”
Clifton, VA

“Dear Shower Filter Store, Thanks for the reply. Just made a purchase of 8 filters. They really work well and I can highly recommend these to anyone as they substantially reduce the chlorine, especially in a shower enclosure.”
Richard C

“Many thanks for your kindness and efficiency in sending my new shower filter. It was easy to install and it works beautifully. My hair and skin are showing the results of no chlorine and I couldn’t do without it.many thanks again.”
Bloomburg, PA

“I just wanted to thank you for an excellent product and FANTASTIC customer service. I love my new shower head. I originally ordered an extra filter to go along with my shower head and when I opened the box, it was not included. I immediately called and Moshe (I believe that is what he said his name was) helped me out. I called on Monday and received my replacement filter today (Thursday). Most places take their sweet time doing things like that. I really, really appreciate it.”

“I have heard a lot of positive things about the benefits of filtered water for the shower and damaging effects of chlorine. Just for fun I went searching on the web and came across your web site. Very nice web site by the way. It was very user friendly with lots of knowledgeable information. So I decided to purchase the Oxygenics Triton Body Spa shower head with the April Shower In Line Chlorine Filter. The price was fair. It came with a filter plus 2 replacement filters. It arrived in less than a week. I’ve had it for over 40 days now and I LOVE IT! It looks great too. I can’t believe how much softer my skin and hair feels. The shower even stays cleaner longer. No more nasty soap scum! I will never go back to chlorinated water again! As a matter of fact, my roommate was a little skeptical. He has an itchy scalp that he has to use a medicated shampoo for. Since the filter has eliminated the chlorine out of the water, his symptoms are almost completely gone. He only has to use his medicated shampoo once a week instead of every day. No more itchy scalp for him. He believes me now. Lol.”

“The shower head was very easy to install. One con with the instructions: It said to wrap Teflon tape clockwise 3 turns around threaded end of shower arm. I did that and got a steady leak from the connection. So I took the tape off and started over. This time I wrapped the tape about 8 to 10 times around the shower arm. Perfect! No more leaking. I love taking showers now. My favorite setting is the middle one. The invigorating spray feel so therapeutic on the skin. Love It! Love It! Love It! I’m so happy I found your web site. Although, one month later, I had a little problem. I don’t know what happen, but the shower head stopped allowing the individual settings. They all kind of blend in together now. Bummer! So I called customer service at NewMarket Naturals. A warm, friendly person answered the phone. I told him my problem. He said he would call the manufacturer and get back to me. Sure enough, 20 minutes later he called back and said that the manufacturer would replace the defected shower head. Now that’s customer service! I just had to provide the manufacturer with some information they needed and now I have a new shower head on the way. I can’t wait! Thank you NewMarket Naturals for providing a great web site for shopping, having a warm friendly staff to talk to, prompt customer service and wonderful products to help enhance our well being. YOU GUYS ROCK! I will recommend your company to friends as well as continue to patronize you myself. Thanks again!

“Absolutely FANTASTIC customer service! My APHH April Shower head had cracked, and I could no longer properly screw in the head to the handle encasing the filter. Even though I never filled out a warranty card, newmarketnaturals was kind enough to send me a new head and handle free of charge. In these harsh economic times, it’s very comforting to know that there are companies out there who truly go above and beyond for the customers 🙂 Thank you so much!”
West Hills, CA

Better Than the Rest
“I have used other magnetic gizmos over the years to magnetize and attempt to change the structure of water but honestly couldn’t really feel or taste any difference. After receiving the Aquatomic Hydrating Magnets and putting it over my water bottle after only a few minutes I could immediately taste the difference. I had my wife drink some of the water and she also could taste the difference. The water is sweeter and feels lighter after being exposed to the magnets, the difference is quite striking. I have to say that I am impressed by this product and the speed at which it affects the water. “For fun and out of curiosity, I have used a pendulum to test the energetic spin of the water doing it over a glass of tap water, water filtered with the Aquarius Triple, and water filtered with the Aquarius Triple and also treated with the Aquatomic Magnets. The tap water had no spin (energetically speaking = dead water), the water filtered with the Aquarius Triple had a good fairly wide and strong positive spin and the water also treated with the hydrating magnets had an even wider and stronger positive spin.”
Patrick R.

Pet Proven
“Hi, I purchased the Aquatomic Hydrating magnets for my self and my family. We have a 14 year old German Shepard – Lab mix who has been hobbled with severe arthritis for well over a year now. We have been filling her water bowl from a pitcher which has one of your aquatomic magnet hydrating devices around it. Amazingly in just a little over one week’s time she has become more mobile than she has been in a couple of years. We have even reduced her pain medication. My family thanks you for making such a fine product and I will be sure to let all of our friends who have pets know about your magnets!”
Donald K.
Shamokin, PA

Water into Wine
“I’m pleased with the devices which I have distributed to my family. Everyone notices the enhancement to both water and wine! The plants seem to like it too.”
Jay C.
Toronto, CAN

Easy to Use
“I do like the fact that it is small and low profile. I’ve tried others in the past that were too clumsy to use. The way it is boxed makes it perfect for giving as gifts”
Jan K.

Pleased as Punch
“Great product, nice to know I’m doing something good with my water…pleased as punch.”
Angela L.
Pleasant Hill, CA

Definitely Sweeter
“I bought 3 and put one on my water filter, my water container, and used the third on a bottle of wine. The water definitely tasted sweeter and so did the wine.”
Derek S.
Sylmar. CA

Less Acid
“We put it on a bottle of wine, and it made the wine less acid, more alkaline.”
Hugh T.,
Albuquerque, NM

Richer Lather
“I bought this and put it on my shower filter. Now the soap has richer lather.”
Dave B.,

Dishwasher Safe
“I use the Aquatomic Hydrating Magnets on my tea bottle daily, and it works great! I accidentally left it on the bottle when I put it in the dishwasher. It came through the cycles unscathed! It’s nice to know it not only works, but it’s dishwasher safe too!!!”
Pattiria M.,

Plant Pity
“After a longer than expected trip, my wife and I came home to very sad looking Poinsettia plants. Remembering your plant experiment, we watered one with plain water and one with water from an Aquatomic water bottle. The one that received the magnetized water came back to life quickly, while the other still looked sad…we took pity on it, and gave it hydrating water too. Now both plants are doing well!”
John E.

The Possessive Husband
“My husband loves our Aquatomic so much, he won’t let me take it off our undersink water filter even for a few minutes just to show our friends why our water tastes so good.”
Baltimore, MD

Fine Wine
“This is unbelievable. Just a few minutes with the Aquatomic Magnets around a bottle of wine works the same as years of aging. It just absolutely smoothes out any bite — even without giving the wine a chance to breathe.”
Dearborn, MI

Conversation Starter
“Everybody who sees the Aquatomic on my water bottle wants to know what it is. And then they can’t believe how powerful it is when they taste the water.”
Sand Diego, CA

Mutant Plants
“It really is true. I’ve placed an Aquatomic Magnet cluster on the watering pot for my plants. The difference in how they grown is like out of a science fiction movie. Miracle Gro, my behind. You haven’t seen big, healthy plants until you water them with Aquatomic water. I can’t wait to try it on my vegetable garden next spring.”
Seattle, WA