Water Filters Can Save Your Life

Chemicals added to drinking water linked to causing cancer!

When you drink a glass of water you may think you are making a healthy decision but what is in that water that you can’t see?

Filtered drinking water is tasteless and odorless, but that isn’t the same as tap water. Think about the taste of water from a drinking fountain, or when the quick-service restaurant reaches back to the hand sink to fill up your glass. Whether it is conscious or not, you can taste the difference from your drinking water source if it doesn’t have a water filter system.

Next time you have water at a restaurant, ask them if they use a water filter system. Most restaurants, unless it is fine dining do not use water filters. Whether you can taste it or not you are consuming toxic chemicals that can be poisonous and detrimental to your long-term health.

Even spring or mineral water can contain additional elements and minerals that are dissolved in the water. When drinking filtered water, either from a water filter pitcher, counter-top or under-sink water filter, refrigerator water filter or a whole house water filter, you can easily notice the difference because the chemicals and minerals are filtered out of the water. The taste is cleaner, lighter and missing that metallic or chlorinated flavor.

Chlorine (yes, the chemical used in swimming pools) or chloramine (chlorine with ammonia) and are intentionally added to water to disinfect it and make it safe for drinking however theses chemicals produce dangerous bi-products like THMs & VOCs. Fluoride (the mineral you are warned not to swallow in toothpaste) is also added to our drinking water however it is not the same food grade fluoride added to toothpaste. Together these additives have been shown to cause tooth decay, digestive and skin irritation, lower IQ levels and cancer. Overexposure of these chemicals can also cause disorders of the brain, nervous system, kidneys and bones.¹

Chlorine, a poisonous chemical used to destroy disease-creating bacteria, breaks down and releases chloroform. Studies show that chlorine by-products are frequently found in water supplies and consumption of unfiltered water is linked to higher risk of bladder, colon and rectal cancer.²

Additionally, other contaminants can enter the water supply before reaching the tap. The best way to reduce the chemicals you ingest is by using a chlorine water filter. A variety of filters, including water filter pitchers, counter-top or under-sink water filters, refrigerator water filters or a whole house water filters, are available at showerfilterstore.com.

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