The Advantage of Blue Tooth Shower Head Filters

The digital age of showering has arrived! In today’s fast pace of multi-tasking where it appears that we are doing numerous things simultaneously to save time, energy and money and “try to get it all done,” why not include your morning shower into the mix?

We all know how delightful the pleasure of a hot, steamy, shower can be, especially when we don’t have to deal with that chlorine smell and after-shower feeling of dry, itchy skin. Imagine adding to that blissful oasis the ability to hear your favorite tunes as you lather up or stream whatever your favorite audio may be. And then, add the final layers of convenience: the ability to answer the phone if it rings and to easily detach the speaker component from the shower head and use it as an external speaker wherever you go within 30 feet of your blue tooth device.
How many times have you had to make a choice: “Do I hold off on my shower and wait for that important call that I can’t afford to miss or do I take the shower and hope that the call will come after I’m finished?” Well now, with the APRIL SHOWER RAINSONG, that’s a worry of the past. The Rainsong is the first blue tooth shower head filter that pairs with any blue tooth device: with your smart phone, I-Pod, Tablet or Computer, and with a touch of button allows you to amplify your shower enjoyment with digital ease. After you have done your one-time pairing, that takes only a minute, between the Rainsong high-def audio speaker built into the shower head and your blue tooth device, you are ready to enjoy all of the digital benefits.
When you are ready to shower just turn the hot water on and allow the filtering action in the shower chlorine filter to begin, removing the harmful chemicals and vapors. After you make sure that your blue tooth feature in your device is turned on, turn on your favorite tunes, adjust the water in your shower to the desired temperature, step into the shower and power-up the Rainsong Speaker. Once your tunes are playing through the Rainsong speaker you can raise or lower the volume, fast-forward or fast-backward to any previous song or pause your audio. And, if an incoming call comes you can accept it with the touch of a button and hear and speak with clear fidelity; when the call is over your audio will automatically resume.
This blue tooth water filter for the shower will amaze you with its purification ability, powerful spray from 70 Jet Nozzles and with its digital versatility. Stepping into this new age of showering is now a reality, with all the health benefits and greater pleasure than ever before!