Water Is The Foundation of the Body

Skin absorption of contaminants in water has been underestimated for years. Protect your body with a water filter!

Chlorine Vapours – The Hidden Menace In Your Shower

Evidence continues to mount that the chlorine added as a disinfectant to public water systems is a health hazard.

The Importance of Shower Filters

When we think of the importance of water filters in our homes, we immediately think of filters for our drinking water. However, it is important to understand that shower water also contains chemicals that can be equally detrimental to our health.

Chlorine Can Make Some Blonds Green, and Itchy, Too

Chlorine in pool water is hard on hair and skin, and can affect healthy hair growth.

The Alchemy of Copper and Zinc: How Shower Filters Remove Chlorine

Copper and zinc are two rather dissimilar metals that, when combined, can produce modern-day alchemy in everyday life.