What‘s In Our Water? A Parent’s Guide To Shower Filters

We consume it, we bathe in it, over half of our body weight is made of it, and without it, we simply cannot survive. But how can we be certain that the water we are putting into our bodies is as natural and pure as we assume it to be?

As a parent, you always strive to protect your children from all dangers. One of those dangers may very well be residing in your very home. The water which we bathe and ingest can be filled with hazardous chemicals. After recent events in Flint, Michigan have placed the quality of municipal water sources in question, it may well be time to consider what may be hiding in your water and how you can make sure your children are protected. Many undesirable chemicals can be found in water. A few of the most common and toxic elements are:


Lead is a powerful neurotoxin whose effects are harrowing. Indeed, one needs not look any further than Flint, Michigan to see the effects of water pollution due to lead. Lead poisoning in water can cause permanent brain damage in children, leading to severe learning impairment. It can also cause aggressive and hyperactive behavior.

What makes lead poisoning so frightening is that it there are no symptoms, and ailments often don’t reveal themselves until years after exposure. Although lead poisoning does not discriminate, those most susceptible are pregnant women and children. Even the slightest trace of lead in water can have life-long effects on children.

Fluoride and Chlorine

Unlike lead which contains no benefits to our health when present in water, there are actually benefits in the mineral fluoride. According to the ADA (American Dental Association), the AAP (Academy of Pediatrics) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control), fluoride succeeds in preventing and reversing signs of tooth decay in children.

This does not mean that fluoride is not without risks, however. The presence of fluoride in water is highly controversial. According to the American Cancer Society, the maximum amount of fluoride in drinking water should be 4.0 mg/L, any greater can lead to skeletal fluorosis. This is a condition in which fluoride builds up causes weak and painful bones.

Much like fluoride, studies have been conflicting regarding the safety of chlorine in the water. Although a powerful disinfectant, excess levels can cause certain ailments such as asthma and bronchitis and even various cancers. Chlorine also kills the bacteria in our digestive system by wiping out healthy bacteria.

What You Can Do

To protect your family, investing in water filters and shower filters is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can keep these chemicals at bay. The benefits are numerous and simply installing shower filters can kill off the bacteria which piles up inside and unfiltered shower head.

In addition, chlorine affects children most via inhalation. A shower filter will minimize chlorine from entering the body, which will in turn lessen the possibilities for health risks in children such as asthma and allergies. Water filters are also an easy and cost-effective option. At a time when water can become contaminated without our knowledge, water filters are an excellent option in filtering out these contaminants and taking the health of yourself and loved ones in your own hands.