Filtering Water On The Go

Filtering your drinking water “on the go” or “for the go” is a lot easier than you may think. We are all quite busy these days with jobs, school, appointments, kid’s activities and a plethora of other things that keep us occupied and often distracted from the one thing that matters most in our life, and that’s our health and the health of our family.

It’s so easy to hop into a food or convenience store and buy, yet another, bottle of filtered water to help us on our way through the daily labyrinth. However, with just a little forethought we can easily bottle our own filtered water before we set out.
If you purchase a bottle of filtered water at the store, do you know how “filtered” it really is? Most bottled water is tap water, run through a membrane that may filter out so much as to leave your water truly stripped and devoid of any nutrients or trace minerals, i.e. “unnatural”. Or, perhaps that membrane the water is passing through has not been recently checked for effectiveness and is now allowing partially unfiltered water to pass into your bottle.
And, your purchase of that water in a plastic bottle presents other problems. When left in a hot car, that bottle may be leaching carcinogenic petrochemicals into the water, known to be cancer-causing. In addition, that plastic bottle may not be recyclable, depending upon how virgin the plastic is. And, in that case, your desire to drink filtered water may wind up further polluting our landfills that are often a cause of polluting our water to begin with.
So, it’s clear that filtering your own water at home and purchasing either a glass or stainless steel bottle is the best solution. Home water filters are inexpensive, especially in comparison to the cost of buying bottled water, and are relatively easy to install. They also utilize replaceable cartridges that cut down on landfill waste. Besides the initial purchase and installation, all that’s left is your intention to do something good for yourself and the planet and the one minute out of each day it takes to fill up that bottle as you head out the door. Let “kick the bottle” be your mantra. Here’s to your good health!